About the 3D panels

The 3D panels are used for different decoration projects all around the globe. One of the main reasons is that the panels have a quality finish at very competitive prices. Maybe even more important is that you can create a personal look and style easily because of all different beautiful designs and the fact that the panels can be painted. That means that the possibilities are endless!
3D BOARD is green, natural product.

The 3d panels are classed as recycled products. The ingredient used for developing this product for wall decoration is plant fibre.
The plant fibres are one of the most recovering source of the world which are collected more than once a year. The total production in global range is billions of metric tonnes annually.

The 3D panels are made from plants fibres which makes them bio degradable. The production process and the usage of the raw materials made the 3D panels absolutely Eco-friendly product.

3д панел ARYL като фон на маса за младоженци

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3D panels are made from bamboo fibres and sugar cane.

They are innovative, creative, natural product which is easy for installation.

The choice of 3D panels is your right as you can decide what is necessary - they are the balance between aesthetics and durability. Highest technical quality combined with bespoke design and consciously usage of the natural environment.

The 3d panels help for the protection of the natural environment.

The 3d panels are 100% natural products, manufactured from recycled raw materials - they are made from pressed bamboo fibres and sugar cane. The bamboo is a very tall plant. It is one of the quick recovering raw materials. The 3d panels are ecologically clean and 100% degradable products. With them you take the responsibility for the people, the natural environment, the climate and the future.

The benefits of our wall panels:

  •  they don't generate harmful substances;
  • extremely light and durable natural product;
  • easy for installation;
  • each one of them can be painted depending of your imagination;
  • stylish design with 3d effect;
  • heat-insulating;
  • sound-insulating;

Our 3d panels can be installed in your home (the living room or kids room for example), as well as offices or public institutions. They will give custom, individual looks of hotels, restaurants, train stations, airports, schools, photo studios, nurseries, cinemas and tethers. They are designed as such so when they placed next to each other they form a model. After their installation they can be painted with acrylic paint in any colour which suits you. 

The installation is traditional as installation of any other panels depending of the wall type without any special instruments. They can be painted with almost any kind of paint based on acrylics which will give them unique artistic atmosphere.

The cleaning is the same as any other wall.

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